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Since its founding year 1998, NetModule has steadily developed and is now a leading manufacturer of communication products for M2M and IoT.


1998 Foundation / 5 Employees as Engineering Services Company
1999 Acquisition of Java Competence Center of Sulzer Electronics
2003 Acquisition of the Initec Hardware Design Team
2005 ISO9001:2000
2005 Foundation of Subsidiary NetModule GmbH in Germany
2007 Launch of NetModule Wireless Router Family for Industrial and Vehicle
2008 ISO 13485:2003 / ISO9001:2008
2010 Launch of NetModule wireless router for Railway
2011 Foundation of NetModule Asia Ltd operations in Hong Kong
2012-2014 Win of several large City Carriers (e.g. Brussels, Helsinki, Munich, Geneva) and multiple smaller Public Transport Providers
2015 Numerous Design Wins at Railway Companies in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France
2016 New Product launches NB3800 and NB2800
2017 ISO9001:2015 NetModule AG
Launch of NB800
2018 20 years NetModule

Almost all employees of NetModule have a degree in electronics or computer science.


Jürgen Kern CEO Netmodule

Jürgen Kern

DE +49 6196 779979 11
CH +41 31 985 25 10

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