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Product Discontinuation Notice

IEC 62439-3 products


Effective 30st of April 2019, NetModule will no longer continue to develop/distribute IEC 62439-3 products.
Existing customers can purchase individual run-time licenses or a license buy-out for platforms currently supported until the Last Time Buy date specified below.
As part of NetModule's product discontinuation policy, this notice is being issued to assist our valued customers in system integration.

Affected Products

The PDN affects all IEC 62439-3 products such as:

  • IEC 62439-3 PRP evaluation licenses
  • IEC 62439-3 PRP basic licenses
  • IEC 62439-3 PRP platform licenses including run-time and source-code licenses
  • IEC 62439-3 FPGA IP-cores

Key Dates

Last Time Buy for PRP Software: 30th of June 2019

Warranty Information

The warranty remains in effect for all products affected by this discontinuation notice. If replacement is required as part of warranty coverage, the affected units will be replaced with currently supported software. The original warranty end date will apply to the new replacement unit in this case.

Additional Information

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your NetModule sales representative at or +41 31 985 25 10.