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Products for a Connected World

NetModule Products/NetModule offers Wireless Routers and products for the communication, networking, automation and transportation segments. - Products for a Connected World

The products of NetModule are designed for applications where reliability is a must. We ensure highest quality and a first class support!

Industrial IoT Routers

Our compact and ruggedized IoT routers provides solutions for the fourth wave of industrial revolution.

NetModule Industrial Routers for wireless and wire line applications

Industrial Routers

Our routers designed for industrial wireless and wireline communication are suited for versatile use in harsh environments.

NetModule Vehicle Router with E1 certification

Vehicle Routers

We offer a wide range of ruggedized vehicle routers with E-Mark for wireless data and voice communication in mobile environments like buses or trams. 

NetModule Railway Router with EN50155 and CEN/TS 45545 certification

Railway Routers

Our EN50155 certified routers are the ideal devices for all railway applications, where wireless data and voice communication are a must.

Extension Modules

Compile your use case specific product variant by enhancing the standard routers with extension modules. The NetModule Router architecture is based on a modular concept that allows a high degree of product customization. Providing a product family specific number of PCI Express Mini Card slots on the router main board, the router may be extended with up to six additional extension modules.

Customs Tariff all non-preferential:

  • Router NBxxxx 8517.62.00
  • Antennas 8529.10.91

ECCN all products:

  • 5A992.C


  • Not listed


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